Brinno APL200

Illuminatore ad infrarossi con fotocellula

Battery Powered Motion Activated Infrared Illuminator for the Brinno MAC200 DN Camera

The Brinno APL200 is a Battery Powered Infrared Illuminator, it produces infrared light to enable the Brinno MAC200 DN camera to capture IR images in a low light environment.

Works well with the Brinno Outdoor Security Camera
The Brinno APL200 works well with Brinno's Outdoor Security Camera (MAC200DN), Front Door Security Camera (PHVMAC) and other night vision surveillance cameras. (* Please make sure your camera can capture IR850 nm light)

Wireless & Hassle free
The Brinno Motion Activated Infrared Illuminator (APL200) uses battery power, is easy to set up and enables night vision cameras to capture IR images anywhere, 100% DIY, 100% Wireless, 100% Hassle free.

Auto Power-On
The Built-in light sensor, auto powers on with detected movement in low light environments, it won’t power on in daytime or bright environments.

Long Battery Life
Stunning power savings, 4 D-cell batteries can be used for over one year! Forget the power cord! (@ 40 triggers per day)

Outdoor Use
IPX4 waterproof housing, safe for indoor or outdoor use.

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Model No.     APL200
Product Name     Motion Activated Infra-RED illuminator
Sensor Mode     Motion Sensor & Light Sensor
Motion Sensor Angle     About 120°
Motion Sensor Range     About 6 meters
Delay Time     About 10 seconds
IR Wavelength     850 nm
LED Power     2.5 W (1.25 W *2)
Power Supply
4 X D Batteries     (6V, approx. 19,080 triggers)
Battery Life     About 1 year (40 triggers per day)
Operating Temperature     -5°C~40°C
Operating Humidity     5%~93%
Waterproof     IPX4
Color     Dark Brown
Product Size     L100 X W110 X H165 mm
Product Weight     303 g